All in one PC

All in one PCThe Ergo As2 is an all-in-one PC that provides the perfect platform for a desktop or classroom eyegaze system. We adapt the device to make it suitable for use in the home or classroom.
  • Switch adapter
  • Mounting plate (Rehadapt or DAESSY)
  • Environment control
  • The Grid 2
  • Eye gaze mounting plate (when purchased with a camera)
The Ergo As2 series runs Windows 7 and has a brilliant touch screen interface. For users that do not need a wheelchair mounted or portable solution then the all-in-one may be a good option. The computer is housed within the monitor itself, making it a very compact system with few wires. The Ergo comes with an on-site repair service and a 3 year warranty as standard. For use in the classroom we normally recommend the following software:
The Ergo As2 runs the award-winning communication program, The Grid 2, from Sensory Software or Tobii Communicator 4.

The Grid 2

The Grid 2 enables you to communicate through symbols or text. A variety of ready made ‘Grid Sets’ are available (such as IDV, Star Talker and WordPower) that cater for all ages and abilities as well as different methods of access.

The high quality speech engine Acapela is included with the software, which provides a wide range of voices in many languages. Many voices are also available through other test-to-speech engines, including regional accents.

The Widgit Literacy Symbol library is included with The Grid 2, while PCS, Makaton, SymbolStix and Bliss are also available.

The Grid 2 features a number of built in workspaces:
- Email
- Fully accessible web browser
- Skype chat and phone calls
- Much more!

All the workspaces are included in the software and you can make your own in the editor. Each workspace is fully accessible with any input method and features much bigger targets than standard mainstream software. The workspaces are also available to symbol users.

For those who need the full power of mainstream software, The Grid 2 can be used to control standard Windows programs with the powerful on-screen keyboard and computer control features.

The software offers communication and computer control access in one packaging and also includes features like email, text messaging, games and environmental control.

Tobii Communicator supports multiple access methods, including track ball, joystick, touchscreen, head mouse, Tobii Eye Control and 1, 2 or 3 switch scanning.

A range of pre-made resources are available to use with Tobii Communicator 4 including the SONO series.


  • 19" touch screen monitor

  • Works with all our eyegaze cameras and other access devices including the HMC mini joystick, EnPathia and IntegraMouse.

  • Environment control included

  • Switch input - can also be used to support eye gaze access

  • Easy access to all ports

  • Built in DVD drive
  • Weight 6kg
    Screen 19" widescreen with direct access (10-point multitouch)
    Battery life Must be plugged in to mains
    Access Pointer
    Connectivity Wi-Fi
    2x USB 2.0 ports, 3x USB 3.0 ports
    9 in 1 media card reader
    Features Powerful desktop PC in compact case
    Wireless mouse and keyboard included
    Software The Grid 2 included
    Hardware Intel® Core™ i3
    4GB RAM

    320 GB hard disk
    Operating System Windows 7
    Environment Control Yes
    Wheelchair mounting No
    Wheelchair Power Adaptor No
    All in one PC ergo_np_stand_web ergo_np_stand_web device_only_web Ergo with Look to Learn Ergo with Look to Learn 2